Tremec 3650 to sbc

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Tremec 3650 to sbc

Because Novak has always maximized our domestic supply and internal manufacturing paradigm, we are seeing little interruption due to the Co-Vi situation. However, permit a day or two extra for fulfillment and be aware that we may contact you with questions or options on items where our suppliers may be having difficulties.


This adapter assembly makes for a strong and convenient adaptation of classic standard shift GM bellhousings to the T four-speed transmission, as was the optional transmission found in CJ Jeeps. This plate style adapter is machined from billet T6 aluminum alloy for superior strength. Engine bellhousings using a standard GM rear bolt pattern. Our adapter will work with both. The ring is easily returnable for credit if not used in the installer's application.

The installer should note that the upper two ears of the transmission will need to be elongated with a round file or other appropriate tool. Because the T upper holes and the GM holes cross-over some, this is the only reasonable remedy and is not a difficult part of the process. The T only from Jeep CJ's is compatible with this conversion. The similar T and T transmissions from other Jeeps of this era feature longer input shafts and different gearing, and are not candidates for this conversion.

If you need a bellhousing, would prefer a new enhanced casting version or would like the LS specific version they can be purchased here:. This is a beautiful piece and necessary for proper operation on LS based engines. They must have the LS crank offset to work properly.

The page is here with details.

tremec 3650 to sbc

Bolts necessary for installation. Three sizes are listed below. Non-standard applications will need to watch for compatibility. The disc can be purchased separately for those applications natively using a different spline count. While sometimes not needed in this application, it is priceless when clearances dictate its use. You may get lucky and find a correct height release bearing but this product will guarantee correct height when set up properly. Further information is here. With all the variabilities in flywheel and clutch height, we highly recommend its use.

And adjustable pivot is an additional noteworthy option allowing even more flexibility to this critical setting. Though not required on all applications, now is an excellent opportunity to upgrade from the likely worn mechanical system. You will find that your clutch release point will vary as things twist. With a hydraulic system, that is not the case. All flex is taken up by the braided stainless line which is unaffected by changes in frame to body relationship.

If your Jeep has the master cylinder, that part can be reused. More information can be found here. Parts to do this swap are:.Need a full kit for your car? Hit the Request for Quote button to get a quote on a full installation kit.

Some muscle cars will require tunnel mods to fit. Give us call and we can guide you through the fitment process. Multiple gear ratios available. Use our speed analyzer to determine the ratios you need or give us a call at Designed and built as a direct replacement for the Ford and GM factory 4-speeds, this line of 5-speeds will likely fit your original bell housing, and in most cases utilize the factory flywheel, pressure plate, and mechanical clutch linkage if they are all in good condition.

American Powertrain has a variety of shifter stub relocation kits available to allow you to retain your factory 4-speed console or shift lever location.

Tremec TKO 600 TCET5009 5-Speed .64 5th For GM

The TKO series has 3 different shift locations available and is also equipped with the ability to give you a mechanical or electronic speedometer output, built-in neutral safety and reverse light switches. Its compact size also allows it to fit most cars without transmission tunnel modifications.

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American Powertrain can also do case streamlining for applications that have small tunnels. Transmission strength upgrades are also available with our Extreme upgrade. If you have any questions please give us a call before you buy.

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tremec 3650 to sbc

Weight: lbs Dimensions: W14" x H17" x L34". Read more. Add to cart. Join Our Mailing List.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media Search media. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Difference in tremec.

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Mar 31, 0 0 maryland. What is the difference between a tremec and aim looking to get a new transmission and just dont feel like spending over for a t56 swap. Mar 30, 0 0 35 Tempe, AZ. Sep 24, 3, 1 69 36 Syracuse, NY.

Tape Banned. Dec 21, 41 0 0 Birmingham. Mustang5L5 A little massaging and it went right in Mod Dude. Feb 18, 32, 8, Massachusetts.

They are physically different.

Tremec 3650 synchro replacement

The has a separate bellhousing while the has an intergrated bellhousing. The will bolt up to a 5. The is rated at ft-;bs while the base is ft-;bs. The later TKO versions of the are rated at and ft;bs. Bad Karma New Member. Sep 14, 24 0 0 Eastern NC www. Bad Karma said:. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads Steering Rack and Pinion differences between and Spotting the difference between 95 5.A science fiction movie, Universal Soldiers, portrayed revived Special Forces members who had been killed in action.

These soldiers were used for missions beyond the scope of modern special warfare capabilities. The military was essentially using discarded human bodies and rebuilding them into fighting machines.

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You could say that Hanlon Motorsports is accomplishing the same task with discarded and spent Tremec manual transmissions. Hanlon rebuilds them to be better and stronger, and ensures each one is ready for a high-performance afterlife. The Hanlon version is also modified for a universal fit behind an assortment of engine configurations. Hanlon has enabled the popular Tremec to be a legitimate option in a world so often dominated by Tremec's other products--like its five-speed heavy-duty transmissions, TKO and TKO, and its six-speed transmissions, such as the T56 and TR units.

Bob Hanlon, proprietor, retools worn-out components, and replaces weak ones with stronger parts. The transmission photographed for this story is going behind a rwhp supercharged Two-Valve Modular engine. Hanlon doesn't want to put an exact hp number on the power limits, but he said the intended use for this transmission is now a lot wider than ever before. A modified can fit a lot of different combinations and is an affordable alternative to other products," says the Pennsylvania-based Tremec specialist.

The Tremec is the transmission that replaced the T45 for the 4. The change happened sometime in the middle of and ran through to Inthe was slightly redesigned to adapt to the new chassis--more on that in a bit. The remained in the trans tunnel through the '10 model year until the Getrag six-speed replaced it in ' Hanlon Motorsports keeps several cores in stock, but if you are hunting one down, beware--as mentioned above, there are a few different versions.

All Tremec gearboxes come equipped with a 3. Overdrive is different with the 'early '02 models, carrying a 0. Each style uses an electronic speedometer. As for the differences between the New-Edge and the S version, the case and mainshafts are not interchangeable, although both transmissions will bolt up to any 4. The ''04 utilizes a tail-mount shifter, traditional slip-yoke, and a cable-style throwout bearing.

The S version has a remote-mounted shifter, flange-style yoke, and a hydraulic-assisted throwout bearing. The has a lot of negatives in the aftermarket high-performance market.We invite you to look inside to see how our feature-rich torque transfer solutions can meet your drivetrain requirements. In our knowledge library, you will find many useful tips and articles about the technology behind our performance-enhancing products.

If you are looking for a great place to build your career and work in a collaborative environment to achieve your full potential, we look forward to speaking with you. Read more. Industry conferences are a marketplace for all issues concerning automotive transmissions and cover the newest developments. Toggle navigation. Torque Transfer.

tremec 3650 to sbc

Welcome to TREMEC We invite you to look inside to see how our feature-rich torque transfer solutions can meet your drivetrain requirements. Knowledge Base In our knowledge library, you will find many useful tips and articles about the technology behind our performance-enhancing products. Career Opportunities. Industry Events. Get Connected. Innovative Products. News Archive. January 21, Car of the Year.

All Rights Reserved. Useful Links. Contact Us.You know it as well as I do—a stick transmission is the only way to go in a Mustang. In the Fox-body 5. But for those of us with street cars, the 5-speed is the ticket. If you are inline for an upgrade, you have come to the right place, as we have enlisted the help of the folks from Tremec transmissions to bring you a guide to picking the right tranny. The Fox-body Mustang came onto the scene in but it was a wheezer until the return of the GT in For the better, we say.

Tremec continued to supply the T-5 for 6-cylinder Mustangs as well as a beefier T for the V8 cars, before getting serious with both OE and aftermarket transmission offerings for the Mustang. This is the T-5, variations of which came in V8 Mustangs from until The torque rating stayed the same, though. The torque rating jumped to lb-ft. That same year, Ford released a service unit sold primarily through Ford Racing that was even better; the Z-spec T It had a 2.

Appropriately, the torque rating went up to lb-ft, and was said to handle horsepower without slicks and a 5, rpm clutch drop anyway.

The 5. In order to put the shifter in a comfortable place for the driver, Ford increased the bell housing depth and therefore the input shaft length.

tremec 3650 to sbc

They also killed the neutral safety switch. The 3. Otherwise, it was the same as the non-Cobra V8 trans. With the debut of the modular motor inthe transmission changed again and became the T Not without a ton of work anyway. Internally it was very similar to the T-5, though nothing interchanges between them, and it was rated at lb-ft. A common gripe about the T is the reverse gear: though it was synchronized, many users complained that getting it into reverse was a gear-crashing exercise.

Bellhousings & Adapters

Immediately, racers and anyone who tried to bang shift the trans complained about missed shifts and overall sloppy shifting.Since the first five-speed manual transmission appeared in the Fox-body Mustang init's become the standard-bearer for gearboxes in late-model Mustang street cars.

While the first ''82 cars had various forms of four-speeds, the norm now is clearly to have five forward gears with a generous Fifth-gear overdrive for effortless highway cruising. Even the vintage guys have gotten into the act as the typical T5 has become a virtual bolt-in for ''70 Mustangs. But here and this will be of interest to you vintage fans, too we're going to concentrate on the various types of five-speeds that come factory-equipped in Fox and SN Mustangs as well as the best options for a replacement gearbox.

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First, a quick history lesson. Many of you have probably heard of two main companies that make the five-speed transmissions found as factory equipment in modern Mustangs or that are a popular replacement-Borg Warner and Tremec.

The short version is that Borg Warner and Tremec are now the same company. Here's how it happened: Borg Warner and Tremec made transmissions and other components for several decades. Inanother company called Spicer S. V located in Mexico acquired Dana's manual transmission division which included both Tremec and Borg Warner.

The U. So that's how it stands today. What follows is a review of the current available five-speed transmissions for a street-driven late-model Mustang. The cars that the vast majority of you own have these units and if they're treated well, this article will be just an FYI for you. If you need to replace the five-speed in your car, you have some choices in terms of an upgrade and we'll touch on that, too. You can think of the five-speed transmission gamut for Fox and SN Mustangs in three general ways.

First, there are the legions of T5 variants used in all Mustangs from to Second, there's the T5's replacement known as the T45 recently replaced by the TR inwhich came on the scene in with the introduction of the 4. And finally, there are the "Tremec" five-speeds, which, with one exception-the W-powered '95 Cobra R-are an aftermarket upgrade for late-model 5.

That's the basics, now let's look at the details. Borg Warner Now TTC T5 The T5 has been the bread-and-butter for manual transmission Mustangs since and continues to be the best for the average street car when it's time for replacements.

But there are about 40 different versions of the T5 and if you have an older car, this is a perfect chance to upgrade to a better T5 than what you might have now. The T5 is a relatively lightweight 77 pounds overdrive-equipped Fifth gear transmission that has been subjected to more hard use than it was ever intended to see.

As such, it's gotten an undeserved reputation as not being strong enough for semi-powerful street cars. In truth, a T5, when treated well, will work fine behind engines making upwards of horsepower; but only the best versions of the many T5s made over the years.

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To clear up any confusion about the "World Class" nomenclature, all T5s installed in Mustangs in and after are considered "World Class" units.


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