How to make tags for handmade items

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How to make tags for handmade items

This winter I have had several crocheters ask me the following 2 questions: 1 where do you purchase the labels you add to your samples, and 2 how do you attach them? These two questions are what prompted this blog post and tutorial! Adding a custom label to any finished crochet project can really help set it apart from others. Not only are labels great for advertising, but they also add a more professional finish to your crochet!

The following are the listings I purchased for the labels shown in this tutorial:. They have lots of great styles!

She highly recommends them. I was checking out their shop and they also have neat acrylic tags! These are the wooden tags and leather labels I ordered from All This Wood. I highly recommend them!

This particular style is made to be folded over the edge of your project. Begin by folding your label in half, with your logo on the outside. Use a needle and thread and sew the label to your project. Make sure that you line up the pre-punched holes in the label. For this label, I sewed between the two holes on the right, first, then gradually made my way across, sewing back and forth between each of the holes.

See the photo below of my finished work.

Tag And Label Ideas For Your Handmade Products

First, you need to decide where you want to attach them to your project. I chose to attach my rectangular tag, horizontally on the band of my hat. The first step is to use a needle and thread and attach one end of the tag to your project. Simply sew several times through the pre-drilled hole.


See the photo above, left. You can see in the middle photo above that the band of my hat is slightly stretched, but once the hat is worn, it blends in with the rest of the band as it is stretch around the head. I hope this tutorial has taught you how to add labels to your crochet projects and that you use it soon!

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how to make tags for handmade items

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Gift Labels and Tags for Handmade Items

If you want to share this information with someone, share the link to this post. You may not give away printed copies of this post. Thank you. If you purchase something from a link in this post, I may be compensated. This is wonderful!Looking for design ideas for your labels, tags or stickers? They need to be able to glance at it and see what the product is in a half second. What is it? And what flavor is it? What kind of product is it? Designing product labels can be both exciting and challenging.

There are no set rules to follow when creating product labels and tags and you have many choices in the layout, size, shape, colors and more. Whether you sell online or part of a craft show the challenge is in crafting a marketable design that wins sales from the competition for the right target audience. Here is a list of creative tag and label design examples that would definitely make your customers want to buy your products:.

Personalize Your Crochet – How to Add Labels & Tags to your Crochet Items

Love tags by AbbysPaperieGarden … created with real flower petals that can be used as a bookmark. Acetate tag with a rose by Stamping Mathilda. Chalkboard tags by Scrapbooks Etc. Always and Forever pink and cream hang tags by Emily Dugan. Pinwheel tags by Emily Dugan. Tie on their downloadable gift tag with embroidery thread for a pretty finish.

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By Southern Living. Butterfly gift tag by Nina Karageorgiou. Ref magnet tags by Split Coast Stampers. Hangtags by Gemma Bayly. Luggage tags by Making It Lovely. Free printable tags by The Frugal Girls. Fabric labels tutorial by Crafty Blossom. This is a great tutorial by The Painted Hive on how to make your own decals to apply to anything you can imagine. Sticker labels by The Idea Room. Free printable mason jar labels by Lime Shot.

Tags: Craft product tag ideasCraft show tag ideasLabel ideasProduct label examplesproduct tag ideastag ideastag sale ideastags and label ideas. Posted on Apr, by Gary Capps.

So, there you have it.

how to make tags for handmade items

Which one is your favorite? Author Recent Posts. Gary Capps. I live in the one of the most beautiful places in the world on the Sunshine Coast in Australia with my wife and our 2 dogs, Poppy and Mia.

Since I have helped over 15, handmade business owners to grow their business with our software and free tools designed for todays entrepreneurial artisan.I've gathered some of the coolest and most unique ways to make your own labels for your crochet projects today!

If you're anything like me, you jump on an opportunity to make something yourself rather than buy it, and I think this is a great example.

It can get expensive to buy your own custom tags. Of course, you don't need tags for your projects, but in my opinion they make it look so much more polished and professional. Below you'll find some of my favorite tutorials and inspiration for labels. The list covers anything from stamping your own fabric to embroidering ribbon. I think you'll find something that will fit your unique style!

I like these simple hand-stamped labels on twill tape. Also, no sewing until you put them on your product-- a plus! Find the tutorial here. Unfortunately there is no tutorial for this example, I just happened to come across these tags and thought they were adorable. I think it would be rather easy to stitch a little simple design on a piece of ribbon and sew them on your project. How lovely! I found this photo here. I liked this idea.

Leather tags are all the rage, and if you can make your own- even better! I like the simplicity and overall look of leather as a tag. This isn't a tutorial for the tag, but I thought it would be worth the mention. This is along the lines of the little embroidered tags above. Just a simple stitched tag attached in the corner of a blanket By the way check out the super cool tutorial for this blanket while you're there, it's awesome!

Find it here. I really liked this tutorial for these labels over at Lovely and Enough. They're printed directly on the fabric at home with the help of good ol' freezer paper.

Find these here. One being designing your logo, then sending it to a fabric printing company also screen printing!

This was my favorite resource. I hope this collection of DIY labels was helpful! It totally inspired me to want to make some of my own. I'm the Meg behind Megmade with Love. This is your place for comfy and cool crochet patterns. Anything from sweaters and accessories to home decor.

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All photos and patterns are copyright of Megmade with Love. Items made with my patterns may be sold commercially, although credit to Megmade with Love would be appreciated! Clothing Accessories Home Decor. You'll find the link for each example under the photo by clicking the word "here".All you need is a little twine or yarn, a safety pin, scissors and a hole punch. And for those of you that crochet and knit for craft shows, these can maybe even double as price tags for you — simply write the price on the back.

Scroll down to see how to print these labels for free. Below, you can see all it takes to use these tags. I place the safety pin UNDER the fabric, poke the pin through to hold the twine then back under and pin. So many lovely little labels. Feel free to print on regular old paper but I prefer to make these on card stock. Follow the same instructions as given above to print these tags. I hope that you enjoy using these handmade labels.

Thanks for these beautiful free labels!

how to make tags for handmade items

Perfect to attach to the handmade gifts. Thanks for sharing. Love the hat too, is that seed stitch? Have you shared the pattern? I will be share a link to the pattern for the hat in my next newsletter! Please do not make us wait too long for the seed stitch hat pattern as many of us would love a project over the holidays.

It is also great for donating to charity! Here ya go Vicki!

how to make tags for handmade items

Do you have a printable label to attach to hats made for charity? It does not need washing or care directions.

How to Make Tags and Printables with MS Word

Do you know of any on the internet that can be printed out? Thank you. Your email address will not be published. We respect your privacy and you may unsubscribe at any time. See privacy policy for more. Comments Thanks for these beautiful free labels! Thanks for all the support. So happy you like them.

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If you continue using this site, we will assume that you're happy with it.And while you are at it why not start thinking about the packaging. I was looking on pinterest for ideals and found that many free printable tags for handmade gifts are no longer there.

Most of the links were broken. This left me compelled to share the few great ones I found that in fact do actually link to free pdf you can print. Why add labels to your handmade gifts? Adding tags to your handmade items adds to the beauty and specialness of your creation.

You have to admit eye candy packaging makes any gift feel extra special I figure you've spent a lot of time making your gift why not go the extra mile and add the extra special touch. Adding care instructions to your handmade gifts can be very important. Especially if it's knitted from say wool. Knit Picks has a great printable with various levels of care. If you are photoshop savy I would suggest opening this file in a photo editing software and typing the care instructions on the empty space select the area you want to type and press the type tool, adjust type to your desired font and size and add your care instructions, finish by flattening image and saving.

This free printable tag from Little Monkey Crochet has two versions The free printable gift tags from How About Orange are great for everything from jewelry to coasters. It works for just about everything! There are several different styles and sizes of labels to try too.

All rights reserved. Thanks so much for this. I really needed this information to begin labeling my crochet orders. Can't wait to print some of these beautiful labels and free at that. I've been using old resume paper we've had around for ever just to get rid of it. Once that's gone I'll probably buy some thicker printer paper in a natural or brown color.

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If your new we Check out the tutorial for this cut out t-shirt by Boat People There's nothing sexier than a cut out back for summer.Find some of the best tutorials for making your own fabric labels listed in this post. Making fabric labels for clothing, quilts or other handmade items is really easy.

You need just a few supplies to get started. Learn how easy it is to create homemade fabric labels for your projects! No matter if you like to sew for yourself and family or if you sell your handcrafted items, professional looking labels make your designs stand out.

This list is for your reference and hopefully provides some great articles on how you can make fabric labels at home. Clothing labels also look great with sizing and care instructions on it.

This also works well for nursing home residents. My mom used to have all her things labeled when she lived there. Ready to see the 18 easy tutorials for making your own fabric labels at home?

DIY: Make Your Own Clothing Labels

Just click the highlighted links in each row. If you know of any other websites that wrote tutorials on how to create DIY fabric labels, please leave me a comment.

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Hope to inspire you to DIY with me! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Looking For Something? Search this website. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.Get the latest posts and patterns straight to your inbox! Part of the fun of making handmade items is giving them as gifts. Each sheet includes two tags each of the following instructions:.

Care Tags — Blue. Care Tags — Green. Care Tags — Grayscale. Care Tags — Purple. Care Tags — Pink. Tumble Dry Low.

I formatted them in the same color schemes as the others … pink, purple, blue, green, and grayscale. Click here to download the French Gift Tags.

I am curious do you just print the pages on regular paper? Or is there some special type of paper to print it on? I was kind of wondering the same thing, just use regular paper? I like the embroidered ones that are sewn on. I use a slightly heavier printer paper than usual and just hole punch a corner or enclose it in the gift box.

Thank you so much for making the new tags. However, when I tried to print myself a copy of the PDF, they just came out as solid-colored ovals. These are wonderful! Sure, Jessica! I love the idea of using tags to identify your hand made wonders.

This is something of use, I recently sent through US Mail for some labels, it has been months, I hope I receive them soon. Thank You Connie. Kara, thanks so much for the gift tags. Care instructions are so very important when giving a gift of yarny goodness! I have my own care instruction tags that read: love me…. However, they only pertain to machine wash items. God bless youyou are awesome….

Thank you so much! I just made the sock monkey beanie,you can pass by and see it if you have time. Thanks for everything you do and share with us.

Thanks for sharing, Kara!! That is so sweet of you for sharing these smart tags: they look professional and trendy.


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